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Consolidated Code of Ethics


Consolidated Code of Ethics

Adopted on 10 June 2020, effective from 1 January 2021.

Amended on 18 October 2021, immediate effect;

Amended on 6 February 2023, effective from 1 April 2023.

The ARPharM Code constitutes a collection of ethical rules agreed by ARPharM members, for the Promotion of Medicinal Products to HCPs and the interactions with HCPs, HCOs and POs, with the intent of guaranteeing that these activities are conducted while respecting the most stringent ethical principles of professionalism and responsibility. This Code applies to all types of communication and interaction (traditional and digital). ​

This document replaces previous ARPharM codes, namely:

The Code of Ethics of the Research-Based Pharmaceutical Industry in Bulgaria, in force since 15.06.2006;

The Code of the Relations Between the Research-Based Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient Organisations in Bulgaria, in force since 31.07.2008; And

The Code on Disclosure of the Transfers of Value from Pharmaceutical Companies to HCPs and HCOs, in force since 01.01.2014.

Disclaimer of liability

Certain links in this website will lead to websites that are not under the control of ARPharM. When you activate these you will leave the ARPharM website. ARPharM has no control over and accepts no liability in respect of materials, data, products or services available on any website which is not under the control of ARPharM. 

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